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Positive training for your dog's body and mind. 

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Annette Duguay and Dog

My Story

Annette Duguay

For over 40 years, my life has been with and about dogs. I've been involved in everything from dog sports to breeding, from training to competing, from seminars to serving on national boards.  

My Experience


Attended over 40 years of seminars and on-line courses with renowned Canadian, American, and European trainers. I continue to engage with trainers to keep up to date with the latest information about canines. I am certified with high honors as a Canine Specialist on breed-specific knowledge, training, nutrition, health, and grooming.


5)Breeding Miniature American Shepherds (MAS). I serve on the board of MAS of Canada. My involvement includes the latest information on puppy structure, genetics, and evaluation.


Ownership of Riverside Doggie Bed & Breakfast.


Training my dogs and thousands of other people's dogs for agility, flyball, obedience, rally o, tricks, CKC canine good neighbor evaluator.


Participated in AAC, CKC, USDAA agility trials, 40 years of local trials, 12 regionals, 7 nationals, and also served on the board of 2 nationals event. My dogs and I have won over 160 titles many at the highest levels.


Participated in Flyball, Rally-O, Obedience, Free-Style Dog Dancing, Rating for which we won several high-level titles.

Our Training Options

Dog Doing Agility


Dog training to participate in agility competition.


Person Holding Puppies

Private training

Is your dog a little shy around others? These one-on-one classes are just for you.


Dog being obediant


Happy Pup, Happy Home. Our classes will help teach your dog to be more obedient and get out of trouble.




Come. Sit. Stay. Paw. High five! Dance! Once obedience is done, this class is perfect to have some fun!


Dog Training


Dog training to qualify to compete in Rally-O competitions.


Agility Setup


Riverside Dogs has a variety of agility equipment and field space available for hourly rental.

Contact for Pricing

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Annette Duguay Doing Training

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